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Religiosity abstract and table:

Journal of Mental Health and Aging, Vol. 7, No. 1, 2001

Advances In The Measurement Of Religiosity Among Older African Americans: Implications For Health And Mental Health Researchers

Linda M. Chatters, PhD

Robert Joseph Taylor, PhD, MSW

Karen D. Lincoln, MSW, MA


An emerging body of research findings indicates that religion is positively associated with a variety of physical and mental health outcomes.  The resurgence of interest in the systematic study of religion and health has given added impetus to examining important questions concerning various conceptual and methodological issues.  Of particular concern to health and mental researchers are issues related to the measurement of religious involvement within diverse population groups.  The purpose of this article is to review and discuss these issues as they relate to the measurement of religious involvement among older African Americans.  This article discusses religious involvement among older African Americans, examines the conceptual and methodological concerns in the used of measures of religious involvement, and describes the development of conceptually based, empirically validated measures of religious involvement.  The implications of these measurement development efforts for health and mental health research among older African Americans are discussed.

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