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Year  2017


  1. Teresi J. A., Ocepek-Welikson, K., Toner, J. A., Kleinman, M., Ramirez, M., Eimicke, J. P., Gurland, B. J., & Siu, A. (2017). Methodological issues in measuring subjective well-being and quality-of-life: Applications to assessment of affect in older, chronically and cognitively impaired, ethnically diverse groups using the Feeling Tone Questionnaire. Applied Research in Quality of Life. Published online ahead of print. doi:10.1007/s11482-017-9516-9

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  2.  Ornstein,  K., Garrido, M., Meier, D., Morrison, R. S., Penrod, J., Siu, A., Schnur, J., Smith, C., Teresi, J. A., & McKendrick, K. (in press). The use of brief 5-item measure of family satisfaction as a critical quality indicator in advanced cancer care: A multisite comparison. Journal of Palliative Medicine

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Presentations at Scientific Meetings:

Williams, O., Leighton-Hermann Quinn, E., Desorbo-Quinn, A., Hedmann, M., Hecht, M. F., Eimicke, J. P., Kong, J., Teresi, J., William, G., & Noble, J. (2017, February). Child-mediated public stroke awareness among minorities: Results of a randomized controlled trial. Poster presentation in the Late-Breaking Science Abstract Poster Session at the International Stroke Conference 2017, Houston, TX., February 22, 2017.


Teresi, J. (2017, February). In K. Bohannon (Event Host). ACC/AGS/NIA workshop on pharmacotherapy in older adults with CVD. Washington, DC., February 6-7, 2017.


Abrams, R. C., Reid, M. C., Lien, C., Pavlou, M. P., Rosen, T., Needell, N., Eimicke, J. P., & Teresi, J. A. (2017, March). The Abrams Geriatric Self-Neglect Scale: Introduction, internal consistency and validation. Abstract Poster presentation in the Late Breaking Research Poster Session at the 2017 AAGP Annual Meeting, Dallas, TX., March 26, 2017.


Williams, O., Quinn, E. L-H., Desorbo-Quinn, A., Hedmann, M., Hecht, M. F., Eimicke, J. P., Kong, J., Teresi, J., Gerin, W., & Noble, J. (2017, May). In K. Spengos & M.G. Hennerici (Co-Chairs). RCT data on the effect of stroke education on childrenís knowledge and self-efficacy. Abstract Presentation at the 26th European Stroke Conference, Berlin, Germany, May 24-26, 2017.


Luo, S., Liu, Y., Stebbins, G., Teresi, J. A., & Goetz, C. (2017, June). Differential item functioning in the Unified Dyskinesia Rating Scale (UDysRS). Abstract Poster Presentation in the Rating Scales Poster Session at the 21st International Congress of Parkinsonís Disease and Movement Disorders, Vancouver, Canada, June 7, 2017.

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